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5G Mobile Project

West Witton is part of a North Yorkshire 5G mobile connectivity trial.

Mobile Access North Yorkshire, MANY, is about "connecting people in the often forgotten rural communities of North Yorkshire using mobile technology.

"Telling real people’s stories the project aims to highlight the struggles communities face relating to mobile access and how it impacts on their day to day lives – from the effectiveness of the Emergency Service networks to the safety of area’s and infrastructure that is affected by flooding; from people feeling isolated and lonely to tourism businesses being unable to connect with their audiences.

"By enabling the latest mobile technology, the project will highlight how connecting people together can improve lives and enhance wellbeing and at the same time, influence government in their future rural connectivity policies. By exploring this, the project aims to prove that mobile access can support the recovery of the social and economic fabric of rural communities."

Parish Councillor Neil Dutton is the local point of contact for this project and would like to hear from residents and regular visitors regarding their experiences of mobile connectivity in the village.

Perhaps you have poor signal indoors, intermittent signal, low quality connection, or have had to swap to a different provider in order to get a reliable mobile signal? Please give Neil your feedback via nrd1968@gmail.com The project is especially interested in the views of those that use a mobile connection as part of their business.

Gathering information will continue until March when a 5G connection will then become available for use for a trial period to see how things improve. Please let Neil know if you would like to be part of that trial.

More information will be shared as and when it becomes available. Additional information is on the MANY website.


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